45 Years

Sunday 11th October 5:00 PM


UK Directors Day

Keswick Film Club's two-for-one day brings you two very different UK films to enjoy for the price of one film!

Kate and Geoff Mercer are planning a celebration for their 45th wedding anniversary when a letter arrives for Geoff; the body of Katya, his lover from 50 years ago has turned up in the Alps where she was killed. Forgotten and unmentioned for many years, why does her reappearance matter? How much did she mean to Geoff? What secrets has he covered up all these years? Can you be jealous of a dead person?


“Haigh's very fine, classically modulated film keeps these questions alive until literally its last shot, and lets them jangle their way through you for days afterwards”

Tim Robey, Telegraph

“Charlotte Rampling hides an ocean of sadness beneath surface calm, while Tom Courtenay blusters along in a very male fashion, though he too is crumbling inside. It's a film of small moments and tiny gestures that leaves a very, very big impression”

Dave Calhoun, Time Out




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