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  • Mint Chinese Film Festival starts on Friday

    30 January 2023

    This exciting new venture from the Alhambra will bring us a weekend of Chinese Films - 9 films with several UK premieres plus much more. One of them 'Virgin Blue', will be showing in our usual time slot on Sunday 5 February. You can get your tickets and passes, and full details of the films via the link on the Alhambra website, and you will get money off as a member of Keswick Film Club!

  • Corsage - Sunday 29th January 5pm

    23 January 2023

    Originally called 'Corset', this period drama puts a finger up to other period dramas just as Empress Elisabeth of Austria tries to do as she turns 40 and is deemed to be 'old': she refuses to accept this and wears her corset tighter each day to keep her figure and beauty as it has been, whilst finding more and more ways to keep her status in society and not be consigned to irrelevance.

    "It’s riveting stuff, aided by Vicky Krieps’s bold and brilliant turn." - Anna Smith, Time Out 
  • No Bears - Sunday 22nd January 5pm

    16 January 2023

    "Fact and fiction, truth and lies swirl about each other in Jafar Panahi's latest. The film - in which Panahi plays a version of himself - also deals with the age-old conundrum of whether to stay or go. Panahi himself doesn't currently have the latter option, having been detained by the Iranian authorities back in July and ordered to serve six years in prison. Given that, since the filmmaker was banned from making movies in 2010 by the regime, he has made 10 features and shorts, it's unlikely this latest act of repression will succeed in silencing him either" – Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film.

  • Taming the Garden - Sunday 15th January 5pm

    9 January 2023

    Taming The Garden follows the whims of Bidzina Ivanishvili, the ex-president of Georgia. Now a billionaire, he has a hobby. He collects... trees. "But not just any trees: he favours huge, ancient and rare examples that have been a constant in the lives of the people of the Black Sea coast for generations. The chosen trees are gouged out of the ground, leaving raw gashes of stripped topsoil, and transported at vast expense and inconvenience to their new home, the Shekvetili Dendrological Park. …his autocratic whims – part folly, part power flex – are the subject of much debate among the Georgian people." - Wendy Ide, Guardian.