Slow West

Sunday 11th October 3:00 PM


UK Directors Day

Keswick Film Club's two-for-one day brings you two very different UK films to enjoy for the price of one film!

A Western, with a 16-year-old Scots lead, directed by a Scottish, ex-folk/rock star, made in New Zealand; what’s not to like?! Well, it all gets a lot better from then on; "It's only slow in the way a rattlesnake or a predatory killer is slow. This terrific film is actually tense, twisty and brilliant" - Peter Bradshaw,Guardian

Jay has left Scotland to search for his lost love. Along the way across Colorado, he bumps into Silas (Michael Fassbender), a hardened killer, who offers to help keep him alive. Their journey is full of action, surprises and digressions which keep the film feeling new, without losing that Western feeling. The reviewers love it, Sundance Festival gave it the Grand Jury prize.




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