Wild Tales

Sunday 18th October 5:00 PM


6 tales, linked by revenge, which should have you laughing as well as biting your knuckles: what do you do when you get an unfair parking fine..? Or you discover your groom has been unfaithful at the wedding..? Get your own back of course! But, how far would you go..?

The film has been compared to those of Pedro Almodóvar (who produced it), and has won great plaudits for new director Damián Szifron, including nominations for Oscar, BAFTA and Palme D'Or.

Come along and enjoy...but maybe not a good idea to drive home afterwards if the black comedy has got to you...


“A riotously entertaining collection of short stories linked by a common theme: people losing their self-control and self-respect”

Wendy Ide, Times




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