A Time for Drunken Horses

Sunday 1st December 4:00 PM


A portrait of humanity inspired by the suffering and spirit of a group of children who cope with unbelievable hardship and danger in their attempts to afford a life-saving operation for their dying brother. They are representatives of an ethnic minority - Iranian Kurds - on the brink of a viable existence, living by their wits and courage, trying any expedient to get their mules across the border to smuggle their pathetic goods into Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Ghobadi won the Camera d'or (best first feature) at Cannes for this brilliant, passionate work. It is so well acted and photographed that there is no doubting the director's absolute belief in his creation, and the deserved place he now has in the pantheon of talented filmmakers working in Iran today.


“This is a film with a fierce, spare, beautiful cinematic language, a movie with a steely clarity that does not diminish its compassion and spiritual generosity”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian