Monster's Ball

Sunday 24th November 5:00 PM


An uncompromising drama set in the Deep South about a Death Row prison guard (Thornton) who begins an affair with a dead man's wife (Berry). Tackling issues such as capital punishment, racism and breaking the cycle of violence, the pared-down, understated narrative is unhurried and, although a little contrived in places, is perfectly complimented by the performances of Berry and Thornton.

Don't let Halle Berry's excruciating Oscar acceptance speech put you off this one. Her fine performance and that of Thornton's are worthy of high praise, as is the beautiful camera work and the sensitive script. The style of the film, and its perfectly judged ending, are unlike most Hollywood movies - possibly because of its young Swiss director, Marc Forster, who brings a European restraint and pace to the proceedings.


“Powerfully affecting with superb performances”