Broken Embraces

Sunday 29th November 5:00 PM


"A lavish, noirish melodrama sparkling with Pedro Almodovar’s trademark humour… devilishly clever and shrewdly cast with a stable of Almodovar regulars, the storyline casts a particularly gorgeous Cruz as an actress struggling to escape the suffocating constraints of the ageing millionaire lover who has bankrolled her career. The film is awash with references to the noir genre, Italian neo-realism and even to the director’s own quirky oeuvre… It’s a rollicking struggle that, in the hands of consummate ringmaster Almodovar, is a joy to watch."


“Almodovar has always managed to combine elegance and exuberance, and his latest movie is no exception: a richly enjoyable piece of work, slick and sleek, with a sensuous feel for the cinematic surfaces of things and, as ever, selfreflexively infatuated with the business of cinema itself.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian