Wonderful Town

Sunday 6th December 5:00 PM


Ton, a Bangkok architect comes to the rural community of Takua Pa in South Thailand, in order to supervise rebuilding work in the wake of the devastation caused by the 2004 tsunami. He chooses to stay in a small, rundown hotel owned by the shy Thai-Chinese Na who is bringing up her gangster brother's child. The two tentatively embark on a relationship, but Na's brother Wit does not take kindly to the news... Tension and suspense abound as we witness the development of their passion against the backdrop of a wounded landscape and a bruised population.


“A beautifully made, superbly acted and emotionally powerful drama that's well worth seeking out.”

Matthew Turner, Viewlondon

“This delicate, delightful and nearly note-perfect debut feature from young Thai director Aditya Assarat offers more evidence of the tremendous film renaissance underway in East Asia... an irresistible picture, engaging from its first shot to its last.”

Andrew O’hehir, Salon.com