35 Shots Of Rum

Sunday 22nd November 5:00 PM


Claire Denis creates a subtle family drama about the close connection between widower Lionel and his daughter, Joséphine. Since the early death of her mother, she and her father have depended on one another, living together until her adulthood. However, she and Lionel realize that the time for them to move on may have come…This portrait of the deep bond between father and daughter is portrayed through secret smiles, stolen glances and comfortable silences, as other relationships come into play. With Agnès Godard’s fluid camerawork, the film builds into a richly textured meditation on family, friendship, love and loss.


“This outstanding new film from Claire Denis demonstrates her fluency and mastery in the kind of movie-language that is rich, quietly complex and subtle - and very un-Hollywood... tremendously moving. A film to be savoured.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian