White God

Sunday 20th September 5:00 PM


If I say this is a story of an abandoned dog finding its way home, what would come to your mind? Possibly Disney's Incredible Journey? Well forget that; this a tale of a much darker type. 13 year-old Lili is sent to stay with her father in Budapest, taking her dog Hagen with her. Her father does not like dogs; the law does not like mixed-breed dogs (think racism...second class immigrants...). When he is told he has to pay a tax to keep Hagen, he leaves the dog by the side of the road to survive alone.

While Lili starts a campaign to get him back, Hagen's life goes from bad to worse. Living rough on the streets with other dogs, and eventually ending up in the dog pound, the only way the dogs can free themselves is by working together (think revolution). Once free, man's best friend does what men do best; they set out to get their revenge...

"Because director Kornel Mundruczo tells his story using real dogs - lots of them - it's fair to say that White God has no precedent in film history. Uniqueness alone wouldn't necessarily elevate White God into anyone's upper echelon, but Mundruczo's movie is as riveting as it is novel, a sobering look at what happens when the natural world turns on those who abuse it" - Robert Denerstein, Movie Habit.

Well reviewed by almost everyone, and winner of two awards at Cannes (including "Palme Dog"!), the film is an adrenalin-pumping thriller as well as an allegory-filled social commentary; you can read it as you want. The dogs scenes are all real, with no CGI - "Director Kornél Mundruczó's staging of the scenes in which the dogs take to the streets is breathtaking" - Geoffrey Macnab, Independent. How the myriad of trainers managed it is beyond belief. You will be pleased to know, no dogs were harmed in its making.

Will Hagen get back with Lili and all return to normal, or will he and his fellow dogs prefer their new-found freedom?




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