A Royal Night Out

Sunday 13th September 5:00 PM


What better way to start our Autumn Sunday nights out than to join in a party that was celebrated throughout most of the western world? Don your party frocks, put on your spats; we are off to VE night in 1945 to join Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in a night on the town with the rest of London!

OK, it never really happened (Margaret was only 14 at the time); OK, it is just frivolous fun...but what fun! Imagine you have spent the last few years cooped up in your home (well, Buckingham Palace, actually, darling, but still...) and that you are likely to be the Monarch of England for the rest of your life; wouldn't you fancy a night out? Imagine the whole of London is one big party, wouldn't you want to go out and join in the fun?

Well, Elizabeth convinces 'Dad' to let them go, then quickly they lose their 'escorts'... and each other! Naturally, no-one is going to recognize them (I did say this was fiction didn't I?), so good-time girl Margaret is going to find a lot of...interesting places to go ("By the way, what exactly IS a 'knocking shop'?") while queen-in-waiting Elizabeth is going to spend the night looking for her sister. Let's get out there and party with them!

Don't forget to take your tiara off!




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