The Red Machine

Sunday 22nd January 5:00 PM


We are back in Washington. It‘s 1935 and we are firmly (and proudly) in 'B Movie' country. The US needs to get the secrets of the Japanese cipher machine without being found out - they are still allies. Coburn is the tight-lipped disgraced US spy, with a past that no-one understands and no sense of humour - imagine Bond without the smile - charged with the task. "If the Japanese catch us, they have every right to ship us back to Tokyo and have us executed". Eddie is a master safecracker, after the perfect robbery, who is released from jail to help.. Or go back to jail. "We made a plan, it's a good plan, and we're sticking to the plan. You got a problem with that, then throw me back in the jug and get yourself another villain, cos I'm out". Can the two outwit the Japanese and their mutual dislike?

A tightly shot heist movie where the actions speak louder than the words...and silence is their best bet of winning the day...or is it a spoof? It made me laugh and I loved it, but it works either way.




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