La Piscine

Sunday 15th January 5:00 PM


Our re-release spot this season takes us back to the sultry 60's when being cool meant being French, smoking Galouises, owning villas in St Tropez... and hanging round your private swimming pool.
In our pool we see handsome Jean-Paul (Alain Delon) worried about losing his beautiful wife, Marianne (Romy Schneider) to an ex-boyfriend, Harry (Maurice Ronet) who has turned up unexpectedly. To add to the melange, Harry has brought along his 18 year-old daughter (Jane Birkin). What starts out as simple sexual jealousy and longing, gradually turns to something much more...

The result is a film where "The tension, both sexual and dramatic, constantly crackles and the casting is practically perfect" - Scott Jordan Harris, Film 4.


“Jacques Deray's languid thriller from 1969 is a tour de force of sexual longing and controlled suspense”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian



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