Sunday 28th March 5:00 PM


Starring in this exciting adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Nobel Laureate J.M. Coetzee is John Malkovich, playing the 52-year-old professor who takes a beautiful young student under his wing and into his bed. This is post-Apartheid South Africa, the student is of mixed race, and scandal erupts... Director and writer (a husband and wife team) have distilled Coetzee's tough novel into a focused, absorbing meditation on race, class, history, sex and the quest for reconciliation . It is a disquieting work to watch (none of Coetzee’s punches are pulled, although most of the violence
happens off-screen). Excellent acting from Malkovich, Jessica Haines and a fine supporting cast.


“Mr. Malkovich is one of the few actors capable of conveying genuine intellectual depth.”

N Y Times

“Steve Jacobs has succeeded beautifully in integrating the story into the grand landscape of South Africa.”

J.m. Coetzee

“Disgrace is a creditable, serious film which is driven along by its viscerally gripping plotline.”

Theo Tait, The Guardian