The White Ribbon

Sunday 21st March 5:00 PM


Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes 2009, The White Ribbon is structured around a series of misfortunes (which give the impression of ritual punishment) befalling the citizens of Eichwald, a rural village in pre-World War I Germany. Half the population works for the Baron, and the stern Protestant pastor wields a strong influence, especially on the children, who appear strangely suppressed...

It’s a hugely absorbing film, with most impressive compositions in beautiful black-and-white photography. Commentators have asked whether Haneke’s portrait of a sick society is meant to give a pointer to the horrendous war to come and the fascism that quickly followed in its wake.


“A profoundly disquieting movie, superbly acted and directed. Its sinister riddle glitters more fiercely each time I watch it.”

Peter Bradshaw

“It's his least aggressive and most mature film... a masterpiece from a director who is increasingly making a habit of them.”

Dave Calhoun, Time Out