Sunday 18th January 5:00 PM


Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen co-wrote and directed this account of the IRA hunger strike led by Bobby Sands which gives a compelling and visionary approach to a pivotal moment in British and Irish modern history.

Beginning with the ‘dirty protest’ in the Maze Prison, McQueen wants us to live through this act of self-debasement "I want to show what it was like to see, hear, smell and touch in the H-block in 1981," states McQueen, who also gives us a fine central dialogue between Bobby Sands and his priest crystallising the battle between ‘the system’ and the revolutionary, who will always fight to keep his faith, regardless of the cost. Michael Fassbender recreates the Sands character in brilliant and deeply-moving fashion, in this multi award-winning triumph.


“Anchored by Fassbender's turn, Hunger is as much about the personal as the political. The real breakthrough, though, is McQueen, who turns in a film that dazzles and challenges in equal measure.”