I've Loved You So Long

Sunday 25th January 5:00 PM


Sometimes it is difficult to preview a film without revealing too much of the content. Events affect every action, every aspect of character, and, as in this case, they should be viewed with no preconceptions. However we first meet Juliette (Scott Thomas), a haunted-looking, middle-aged woman in an ill-fitting overcoat, awaiting the arrival of her sister Lea (Elsa Zylberstein). Clearly their first meeting for a long time, we wonder where she has been during her long, mysterious absence. Writer-director Philippe Claudel reveals his secrets gradually, but the interplay of both characters is the key, and we watch fascinated as Juliette reveals her secrets and gradually transforms her life. Prize-winner at Berlin IFF 2008.


“Scott Thomas's performance, easily the best of her career, (is) the centre of a deeply involving, beautifully
acted and expertly constructed human drama by and for grown-ups”