This Is England

Sunday 23rd September 5:00 PM


It’s July 1983 and the schools are breaking up. On his way home, after being taunted by school mates for wearing flares, Shaun (Turgoose) meets a group of friendly skinheads who take him under their wing. The summer looks like it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Shaun spends a carefree summer with the gang, discovering girls and parties and going on a frolic dressed in their grannies’ night gowns. The mood then changes on the release of racist skinhead and supporter of the National Front, Combo (Graham), from prison.


“Utterly natural onscreen, his puggish face a map of flickering emotions, young Turgoose proves a real find and blossoms under Meadows' direction”

Lesley Felperin,