Sunday 19th March 5:00 PM


You are very poor and desperate for more money. Your father is very ill – dying - and there is nothing you can do to help his suffering. A gangster on the run comes along and offers you money to hide in your isolated house for some time, but the deal is that he replaces your father... what would you do? This might have made a great story just like that, but director/writer Carolina Markowicz has gone one further by adding humour.

"The stereotypes of sophisticated drug kingpin and naïve rural dwellers are turned on their heads in Carolina Markowicz's lively deadpan comedy, which screened as part of the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. Rather than playing it as a straight culture clash, Markowicz introduces farcical elements as it emerges that country life is anything but simple, explores the clash of masculine egos between the privileged mobster and Irene's much more temperamental, frequently inebriated husband Jairo, and observes Miguel's gradual disintegration as the waiting game becomes more Kafkaesque' – Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film.


“Markowicz maintains a tight grip on the tone, keeping it just on the biting point between black comedy and agonising suspense.”

Leslie Felperin, Guardian

“A sharp, specific thriller that also has a nice undercurrent of dark humor.”

Brian Tallerico,

“Charcoal stands as an artistic character study, honed in on the imperfections that make people fascinating.”

Josiah Teal, Film Threat



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