Sunday 16th February 5:00 PM


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A local pub, for local people...well, no more. The tourists are taking over this Cornish village and the fishermen are losing out. Do they give in and make money from the tourist trade, or try to soldier on with what little fish they are allowed to catch? "'Bait' is both an impassioned paean to Cornwall's proud past, and a bracingly tragicomic portrait of its troubled present and possible future. It's a genuine modern masterpiece, which establishes Jenkin as one of the most arresting and intriguing British film-makers of his generation... [it] looks set to become one of the defining British films of the year, perhaps the decade" - Mark Kermode, Guardian.


“One of the most extraordinary movie experiences of the year, ”

Kevin Maher, Times (uk)

“ Strange, spellbinding and timely. One of the most thrillingly original British films in years.”

Adam Woodward, Little White Lies

“The weirdness of Bait can't be overestimated, like FW Murnau directing an episode of EastEnders.”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian




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