Sons of Denmark

Sunday 9th February 5:00 PM


"Shakespeare famously proclaims in Hamlet: 'There is something rotten in the state of Denmark'. In 'Sons of Denmark' something is indeed very rotten in the Scandinavian country.

This superb Danish movie operates like a police thriller mixed with politics, and it raises many urgent questions. Those who like Scandi-noir will enjoy the twists and turns of the plot, accompanied effectively by the score of Mozart's Requiem" - Michael McClure, DMovies.

It is 2025, Denmark. A year ago, a terrorist bomb has killed 23 people in Copenhagen. In the wake of this, the National Movement Party, lead by Martin Nordahl, is tipped to win the election with an openly fascist agenda. Many fear this, including the immigrant population.

In the first half of the film, we concentrate on Zakaria, a young Muslim, who wants to do something about this. He is recruited by a militant Islamic Group. In the second half, we see the view of Ali, who is lead to believe "he will be fine" if Nordahl comes to power...

As John Parker John asks in Entertainment Focus - "Ulaa Salim's feature directorial debut, 'Sons of Denmark' explores the complex subject of radicalization in this blisteringly relevant and pulsating thriller. Set in an alternative version of Denmark, dealing with extremely topical and provocative material, the film holds a mirror up to contemporary Europe (and America) and basically asks the question: do you like what you see?" A provocative film, then, which tries to show us the dangers of complacency.


“[A]n ambitious, provocative, politically charged thriller from Danish feature-debutant Ulaa Salim.”

Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter



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