Saturday 29th February 2:00 PM


This time-sprawling, mythological monster horror mixes ancestral fables and family drama for a fun and frightening cautionary tale, involving witches, demons and treasure hunting. The story follows Vinayak; a wily lad/son of a scamp landlord in the antediluvian village of Tumbbad. We first meet Vinayak as a young boy obsessed with finding secret family treasure connected to his cursed grandmother. Vinayak later learns the gold is kept by a creature from hell in an ancestral temple. To make a withdrawal, he must outwit the demon or risk being eaten, murdered and cursed like his prematurely crumbling Nan.

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“Atmospheric, heavy on mythology and scary as hell.”

Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

“A welcoming breed of horror that transcends barrier, creeds, and beliefs.”

Matt Donato, Slashfilm



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