The Chambermaid

Sunday 17th November 5:00 PM


A film about one woman's fight to get to the top; in this case literally as well as figuratively as promotion means cleaning the floor above in this Mexican hotel.

"For the time being, however, Eve has a world of grindingly hard work. She has to leave her young son behind in the care of a neighbour, and has to get up even earlier in the morning than everyone else because she is also going to adult education classes" - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian.


“This is brilliantly confident film-making. Avilés does not need to leave the building to examine class tensions and cultural misunderstandings, weaving her critique through the hotel's denizens”

Simran Hans, Guardian

“It's a fabulous piece of cinema”

Nigel Andrews, Ft

“After you've seen it, the world looks different.”

A.o. Scott, New York Times




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