Sunday 17th February 5:00 PM


Directed by the great Steve McQueen and featuring many big stars, what's not to like? After '12 Years a Slave', a feminist heist movie comes as a big surprise to the world, but "McQueen largely succeeds at something few directors even try: to set a satisfyingly twisty crime plot in the broader social context of political corruption and systemic racial and gender bias" - Dana Stevens, Slate.

Adapted from the Lynda La Plante TV series, I can't wait to see what it looks like with McQueen's magic touch.


“Playing like a badass big sister to the dizzy 'Ocean's 8', this riveting thriller...fashions a female-driven heist from a heady intersection of violence, intimacy, political hypocrisy, patriarchy and power”

Sarah Stewart, New York Post




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