Sunday 4th March 5:00 PM


A young boy listens to his parents arguing yet again; is it all his fault? He goes missing: did he run away, or has he been kidnapped? "Andrei Zvyagintsev's 'Loveless' is a stark, mysterious and terrifying story of spiritual catastrophe: a drama with the ostensible form of a procedural crime thriller. It has a hypnotic intensity and unbearable ambiguity which is maintained until the very end" - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian.

The parents are in the throes of divorce - both have already found new lovers - and even their missing child cannot unite them. Learning all the while more about their life together, we follow the trail of the search (organized by volunteers; the police 'do not have time': in true Zvyagintsev style (viz 'Elena', 'Leviathan'), he cannot resist linking their broken marriage to the state of Russia).

Winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes and Best Film at the London Film Festival, plus scoring over 90% with critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, this should be a film to make you think. As one character observes "no one can survive a life without love, and this astringent, remarkable film proves how true that statement is" - Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter.




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