Hotel Salvation

Sunday 19th November 5:00 PM


If the Marigold Hotel was set up for old English people to enjoy a long and fulfilling retirement, then Hotel Salvation has been set up for old Indian people to pass their last days before they die...and they are limited to 15 days! "'If you die, good for you. If you don't, go back home,' the proprietor tells them" - Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film.

But 'Hotel Salvation' is much more to do with a father and son relationship - even family relations generally - than dying. A wry, gentle comedy drama, it follows the events after Daya has a dream and decides he is ready to die. He wants to do this on the banks of the sacred Ganges at Varanasi, so, naturally, he 'asks' his son Rajiv to take him there.

Rajiv is a modern man, much more interested in making money than worrying about traditions, but, nonetheless, he gets time off work and off they go.

Once in Varanasi, they book into Hotel Salvation. "Daya immediately settles in, making friends with the delightful widow Vimla and avidly following his favorite TV show 'Flying Saucer' with the other terminal residents. He has never seemed better. Rajiv gnaws his nails, torn between wanting his father to live and his anxiety to get back to work. His stress is palpable and one feels for his dilemma, at the same time one knows he has a big lesson to learn in that place" - Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter.

Is 15 days long enough? You will have to come along and see...




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