Sunday 7th February 5:00 PM


It is the 1990s, many Estonians are living in Georgia when the civil war between Georgia and Abkhazia breaks out. Caught in the fighting, most Estonians flee the area, but Ivo stays behind to help his neighbour Margus harvest the crop of tangerines. The fighting overruns their area and Ivo finds himself nursing two injured soldiers, Niko and Ahmed. This would be difficult enough if Niko and Ahmed were on the same side... Ivo is forced to prevent them from killing each other in his house.

The result is "a tremendous, old-fashioned anti-war film, by turns touching, moving and suspenseful" - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian.

'Tangerines' was only beaten to the Oscar for the Best Foreign film by the wonderful 'Ida' which we showed in 2013, but it is only recently that 'Tangerines' got a UK release: maybe this is just as well as "it contains moments of great joy and hope as it reflects the way heightened emotions can shift from hatred to hilarity in a heartbeat. Given everything that has been happening across Europe this past summer, it couldn’t be a more timely or poignant film" - Allan Hunter, The List



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