Come As You Are

Saturday 28th February 5:00 PM


One of a trio of Belgian lads Philip (Robrecht Vanden Thoren), paralysed from the neck down, has heard about a Spanish brothel catering to the sexual needs of those with special needs. He tells his two friends, partially sighted Josef (Tom Audenaert) and Lars (Gilles De Schrijver) whose aggressive brain tumour has confined him to a wheelchair, that this is the chance of a lifetime to lose their virginity.

Filmed with humour and compassion Come As You Are could be the unexpected hit of the Festival

Thanks to Cinema For All


“A gem of a film that is certain to steal your heart”

Allan Hunter, Daily Express

“This is part road movie, part romance and part tale of friendship - and all worth watching.”

David Aldridge, Radio Times

“t's an unarguable crowdpleaser, gently nudging everybody along to a more enlightened, not to mention more relaxed, place.”

Mike Mccahill,the Guardian




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