Miss Violence

Sunday 30th November 5:00 PM


'Miss Violence' begins with a seemingly happy family occasion; a party to celebrate Angeliki's 11th birthday. At some point during the party, for no apparent reason, Angeliki jumps to her death from the balcony of her family apartment. Why?

The family tries to say it was an accident, but as the film follows the back story, we realise there is much wrong in this dysfunctional family, centred on the father. It is not until the end of the film that we find out what made her jump, by which time we have been taken into the darker side of both this family and Greek society in general.

It is not always easy to find reviews of foreign films, but this one has been reviewed by most of the leading critics; nearly all of them can't resist comparing director Alaxandros Avranas to Michael Haneke ('White Ribbon', 'Amour') so do not expect an easy ride here. Instead expect an observer's view of some uncomfortable scenes. Like 'Amour', most of the film is set in and around the family home.

Avranas is part of the Greek 'new wave', along with the like of Yorgos Lanthimos ('Dogtooth') and Athina Rachel Tsangari ('Attenberg'), which we haven't shown. This is his second film which has won several awards and been the darling of the Venice Film Festival.


“A tale of abuse and denial set in a claustrophobic Athens apartment shows real technique but tips into the bizarre”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian




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