Beyond The Edge 3D

Sunday 9th November 5:00 PM


We wanted to find a special film to make the most of our 'night out at Rheged' and surely this one has to meet that requirement? There can be no more inspiring place on Earth than the top of Everest; to see it on the huge screen AND in 3D will be the icing on the cake…

The film is a drama/documentary about the first successful bid to climb Everest in 1953, with reconstructions of the climb and fantastic photography of the mountains, all of which is complemented by real interviews from the time.

When Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit, the world was stunned; the result was sent back to England in time to deliberately enhance the crowning of Elizabeth as Queen. What we may not be as aware of is how important New Zealand saw Hillary's achievement. He became an instant hero and remained so all of his life. Director Leanne Pooley is from New Zealand and has tried, with this film, to tell us his story.

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“Undoubtedly the most technically impressive film (not featuring Hobbits or Na'vi) ever mounted in this country, 'Beyond The Edge' is also an emotionally enthralling experience that celebrates one of our nation's greatest achievements with candour and respect”

Dominic Cory,

“This is genuinely inspirational stuff, and then some”

Andrew Lowry, Total Film.




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