Lost in La Mancha

Sunday 16th March 5:30 PM


Two years ago Terry Gilliam turned up in Spain with £22m, hoping to realise his lifelong ambition of filming Don Quixote. The shoot turned into a disaster and Fulton & Pepe were there to record this compelling fly-on-the wall documentary. The relentless stream of shear bad luck unfolds as a hilarious comedy of catastrophe, and we are left sympathising with Gilliam's assertion that there is a jinx on Cervantes' book - after all, it consumed the last 20 years of Orson Welles' life with little to show for it. It is heartbreaking to see how, despite Gilliam's adapting to adversity, it all comes to nought. Let's hope he gets another chance - he's the right man for the job, after all.


“The tantalising vision of an unmade masterpiece”

Nick Dawson, Empire