Sunday 29th June 5:30 PM


Are you ready for a Midsummer Film? Thanks to the Keswick Festival, we are breaking our normal summer silence and putting on a one-off film. A black comedy, but one which will also move you; just right for a summer evening!

Many of you will remember Frank Sidebottom; the creation of musician Chris Sievey in the early 80s, Sidebottom began as a musician but became a comedy act and even a reporter on Granada tv...all wearing a large papier mâché head. 'Frank', the movie is NOT the story of Sidebottom, but more a dream inspired by him (as his co-writer Jon Ronson says).

Ronson was the keyboard player in Frank Sidebottom's band and his character is the centre of this story, moved to the USA. Here Jon is a talentless keyboard player who joins Frank's avant-garde touring band and tries to change it to a successful pop band, with interesting effects on the other members of the band. These include Michael Fassbender (acting his socks off under the massive head where no facial expression can be used) and Maggie Gyllanhaal 'who seems able to conjure beautiful sounds and savage weapons out of thin air with equal ease' - Mark Kermode, Observer.

The film was co-written by Jon Ronson ('The men who stared at goats') and Peter Straughan ('Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy') and was directed by up-and-coming director Lenny Abrahamson, who has had success with recent films 'What Richard Did' and 'Garage'.

Is Frank a genius or just (excuse the pun!) a big-headed loser? As Mark Kermode goes on to say - 'for those who like their movies to dance to a different beat, it is something rather exceptional'. Sounds just right for Keswick.




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