Sunday 5th January 5:00 PM


After his successful debut directing Pagnol's "The Well-Digger's Daughter", where should Daniel Auteuil go for his next film? Where else, but another Pagnol story. And, just in case you haven't got the message, he is bringing out THREE films based on Pagnol's trilogy. "Marius" and "Fanny" are both released together, "César" is in production. Knowing Keswick's love of French films and Auteuil specifically, we decided we should show both of the released films, so we start the season with "Marius" and end it with "Fanny".

Much like the earlier Pagnol stories that Auteuil starred in, "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des Sources", these stories are linked, but stand alone. In "Marius" we meet the young Marius (Raphaël Personnaz) living in Marseille with his elderly father César(Auteuil himself, relishing this comic role). He dreams of sailing off to adventures in any one of the boats in the harbour. What is to stop him going? Well, Fanny of course. Fanny (Victoire Bélézy) is the daughter of the local shellfish seller and their obvious attraction is the centrepiece of the story; but will his refusal to admit he loves her drive her away, possibly into the arms of her other suitor, the much older Panisse?

This love story is mixed to great effect with the comic interludes, mainly from the older generation on both sides, giving us a perfect season starter.


“The result is a sweet-natured joy, the ending of which will have you immediately booking your ticket for the sequel.”

Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film



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