Damaged Goods

Sunday 17th November 2:00 PM


New UK Directors Day.

Keswick Film Club likes to support new British talent. Today we show two by new UK Directors. Two very different films, we hope they show the range of films being produced today.

New director Mike Tweddle brings us his own British social realist film in the mould of ‘Kes’. The story of a boy, a girl and a dog...

Tweddle says: ‘I decided to direct and produce this film from one of my own screenplays as I truly believe it was a story that needed telling and I wanted to make sure it got made. Dog fighting is an abhorrent so called "sport" that has no place in a civilised society and we at Broken Scar Productions believe we have made a realistic family drama that portrays a dark subject with both compassion and empathy.’ The cast and crew of ‘Damaged Goods’ are all either keen amateur actors or new professionals starting their careers. Hopefully this film will see them on their way!

Mike Tweddle is hoping to make it to Keswick for this showing and will be available for a Q&A about 3.30, after the film.




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