In The Fog

Sunday 20th October 5:00 PM


Belarus, 1942. The Germans have occupied the country and the locals are trying to survive as best they can. For some this means collaboration with the enemy, for others, the path to follow is to become partisans. Being caught out for either means death.

Here lies the thrust of the film - in the fog of ever changing alliances, who is the enemy, who the friend?

Photographed beautifully (also in the fog) by award winning Romanian cinematographer Oleg Mutu (see ‘Beyond the Hills’ later this season), this film means ‘he must now take his place as a leading figure in world cinema’ - Philip French, Observer.

‘In the Fog’ is Sergei Loznitsa’s 2nd film to be nominated for the Cannes Palme D’Or, but the first, ‘My Joy’ has not been released here yet. If we like this one, maybe we can get the first later...




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