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Friday 22nd February 8:30 PM


Only released in the UK in September 2012 and from the director of Oscar winning A Separation, this is another gripping tale of secrets and lies. Three Iranian families travel to spend time at the seaside. But it is not all pleasure - ulterior motives lurk under the surface as well as secrets, betrayals and tragedy. The opening scenes allow you to understand the film's personalities and relationships through the humour and knowing banter of friends having a good time. Then someone disappears and their orderly life begins to crack. Blame is tossed around, small lies grow in size and number, and the mystery of the disappearance becomes compounded by the greater mysteries of their life; enthralling and suspenseful.

Thanks to Axiom Films.


“Another shrewdly gauged study of our capacity for deception and self-deception from A Separation's auteur. Emotionally devastating.”

Total Film



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