The Hunt

Sunday 17th March 5:00 PM


Thomas Vinterberg burst onto the scene back in 1995 when he co-created the Dogme 95 Manifesto with Lars Von Trier. Their aim was to make films based on the traditional values of story, acting, and theme, and excluding the use of elaborate special effects or technology. In 1998 he made 'Festen' on this basis, which won the Jury Prize at Cannes. Since then, he appears to have lost his way, but all critics agree he is back in a big way with this film, where he takes on his familiar theme of group hysteria.

In 'The Hunt', Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen of 'A Royal Affair') is a temporary kindergarten teacher with many close friends in a close-knit community. Everything goes wrong for him when an accusation is made against him by a small child. The community turns against him and leaves him with no chance to defend himself.

The Hunt becomes a tense drama-thriller, with many gripping scenes, including "Lucas's appearance at the Christmas Eve church service, which can really only be watched through your fingers." Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

Mads Mikkelsen gets rave reviews from just about everyone, winning Best Actor at Cannes, whilst Vinterberg was nominated for the Palme D'Or.


“Beautifully performed and tough as nails, Vinterberg's social drama could not be any more timely.”

David Hughes, Empire Magazine

“It is rare that a film can make you laugh, cry and shake with fury all at the same time; even rarer when it does so for the right reasons.”

Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph




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