Where Do We Go Now?

Sunday 23rd December 5:00 PM


Not exactly a Christmas movie, but it is a comedy and it is at least about Peace in our Time. Audiences seem to like it - it even won the audience award at the Toronto Film Festival - but critics are split. The scene is a small un-named village in an un- named Middle East country, where the locals are split between Muslims and Christians. Since the coming of TV, at the smallest excuse, the men are liable to pick up their arms and fight each other. The women are
fed up with losing their husbands and sons in these futile fights, and they decide it is time to stop. First they sabotage the TV, then they invent miracles and even...but I won’t spoil it by telling you all their schemes.

The second in our ‘power of women’ season, this one is not so easy to take as ‘The Source’, possibly because the arguments and the solutions are harder to understand. Nadine Labaki, who also directed ‘Caramel’, seems to be saying that wars would not happen if women were to run society. Believe that or not, enjoy the comdy... and have a happy Christmas!


“This bittersweet celebration of motherhood deftly blends wry satire with broad comedy while never losing sight of the tragedy of its subject matter.”

Mark Kermode, The Observer