Café de Flore

Sunday 7th October 5:00 PM


Two apparently unrelated love stories in time and place... In 1969 Paris, single mum, Jacqueline, is trying to bring up Laurent, her Down’s Syndrome son. She has built an intense bond with him, which causes her heartache when he falls in love with a classmate.

Meanwhile, we move to Montreal in 2011, where DJ Antoine has a love triangle of his own; he is in love for the second time, but his former long-term lover will not accept he has gone.

Director Vallée does not make clear if there is a link (beyond love) between the stories; instead, using music as the link, he switches between time and place, blurring the lines as he goes. Vanessa Paradis, better known to us as a singer, has won various awards for her role as Jacqueline.


“Café de Flore is intoxicating, romantic, pretty damn mad, and it just doesn't care.”

Trevor Johnston, Time Out

“Bold and uncompromising, passionate and profound, this is an intoxicating triumph that bristles with sly innovation”

Alan Jones, Radio Times