Sunday 18th March 5:00 PM


Time for a lighter interlude after last week. Albatross gives us the chance to enjoy some great acting in this comedy drama.

Into the lives of Jonathan, a failing author (played by Sebastian Koch - Lives of Others) and his wife Joa (Julia Ormond) comes Emelia Conan Doyle (Jessica Brown Findlay, late of Downton Abbey). Emelia‘s devil-may-care attitude to life bewitches their daughter, Beth (Felicity Jones who we saw in The Tempest last year), angers Joa and stirs Jonathan, who sets out to teach her to write (with a name like Conan Doyle, you would want to write wouldn't you..?). The evolving relationships between the three give us the main plot for the film, but Emelia steals the film, both with the universally acclaimed acting of Brown Findlay and some great lines.


“Albatross is a hugely enjoyable coming-of-age drama that's worth seeing for a star-making turn from Jessica Brown Findlay”

Matthew Turner, Viewlondon



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