A Small Act

Sunday 18th December 5:00 PM


Our last movie for this season is another documentary, to put you in the Christmas spirit, about the effect of another type of gift. In the 60’s and 70’s, a Swedish woman, Hilde Back, gave a regular donation to sponsor the education of a Kenyan schoolboy, Chris Mburu. Chris went on to graduate from Harvard Law school and became a leading figure in the United Nations. If this wasn’t reward enough, Chris decided to seek out the stranger who helped him, and to set up the Hilde Back Education Fund to help further Kenyan children. This fund is now giving hope to poor children, but further agony to those who just fail to qualify; could this be worse than the no hope they had before?

From the daughter of Holocaust victims, to an act of altruism, to the promise of help for future generations; the ‘butterfly effect’ at its very best. Happy Christmas everyone!


“Well made, powerfully moving and genuinely inspirational documentary that shows the astonishing ripple effect of an act of charity.”

Matthew Turner, Viewlondon




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