Sunday 18th September 5:00 PM


Delepine’s follow-up to Aaltra (seen at our 2005 festival) seems to set out to upset everyone, starting with the dead. A black comedy with the courage of its bad-taste convictions; a film to love or hate, but not to sleep through!

A group of fired female employees from a toy factory reject the idea of spending their redundancy on a nude calendar and opt instead for Louise’s idea to pay for a hitman to kill the boss that put them out of work. This might not have been such a bad idea if they hadn’t hired the inept Michel. Things go from bad to worse when Michel attempts to sub-contract the hit to a series of highly inappropriate assassins.


“A tale of two genderless freaks fighting the good fight for the little man also offers a rousing reminder of the power (and eccentricities) of the pissed-off proletariat”

David Jenkins, Time Out

“A darkly funny film in the same vein as Micmacs, this French crime caper gives political correctness le boot”

David Parkinson, Empire




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