The Wildest Dream

Sunday 20th March 5:00 PM


We’re moving to Rheged’s giant IMAX screen to make the most of this stunning cinematographical experience: beautiful shots of Everest form the background to George Mallory's lifelong obsession with conquering the summit and the suggestion that he was first to the top. With a stellar cast of voices including Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and the late Natasha Richardson, the film blends personal accounts, re-enactments, historians’ testimonies and photographs from Mallory's life, and the correspondence between him and his wife, creating a compelling movie that is part history, part mountaineering and part love story.

Geffen reconstructs the tragic assault on Everest by Mallory and Sandy Irvine while observing Conrad Anker's and Leo Houlding's attempt to repeat the earlier expedition using the primitive equipment of 1924.

Please keep a look-out for further information about the Club’s help with transport, and the optional Rheged-hosted dinner to follow.


“It's a handsome, deeply affecting picture.”

Philip French, The Observer

“Sheer adventure...terrifying!”

The Hollywood Reporter



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