La Pivellina

Saturday 12th February 1:00 PM


Pivellina is slang for 'little girl'. This pivellina, two-year-old Asia (played by Asia Crippa), has been abandoned by her mother on a swing somewhere in inner Rome. 50-something circus worker Patrizia, against her husband's wishes, takes the child to live in their trailer-park, and soon both of them, and the adolescent child-minder Tairo, have fallen for the charming child. Through their eyes we see the underbelly of Italian life, yet via a heart-tugging, unpreachy tale.


“How the directors got such a natural performance out of the minuscule Crippa is a mystery. She is a joy, strong-willed, intelligent and impossible not to adore.”

Natasha Senjanovic, Ap, Hollywood Reporter




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