The Headless Woman

Sunday 7th November 5:00 PM


This latest masterpiece by writer-director Lucrecia Martel (La Cienaga, The Holy Girl) features Maria Onetto playing Verónica, an elegant, middle-aged dentist, who, driving along a lonely road, hits something - a dog? - but later she gradually becomes more and more unhinged, in the belief that she may have killed a little boy. The suspense occasioned by her doubt and guilt, coupled with several superb acting performances, drives this thriller to its unsettling conclusion.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian: ‘In the past decade, there have been three great films about guilt, denial and the return of the repressed: Mike Leigh's Vera Drake in 2004, Michael Haneke's Hidden in 2005 – and this is the third, The Headless Woman…It is a masterly, disturbing and deeply mysterious film about someone who strenuously conceals from herself the knowledge of her own guilt.’


“In what could be one of the greatest films ever made about the emotional realities of a damaged mind, this giddily disorientating latest from Lucrecia Martel is a work of frenzied genius.”

David Jenkins, Time Out



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