Lion's Den

Sunday 24th October 5:00 PM


"It doesn't take more than a few minutes into Lion's Den to realize that this film is several cuts above the genre standard (women in prison). Versatile Argentine helmer Pablo Trapero shakes off the leisurely lethargy of his recent Born and Bred in a riveting, high-pitched drama blessed by the extraordinarily edgy performance of actress/producer Martina Gusman as a middle-class college girl who finds herself pregnant and in prison for murder." Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Filmmaking at its most provocative and thoughtful, grappling with serious issues of justice even as it explores the internal emotions of its characters. There are moments of almost unbearable anguish along the way, as well as scenes of tenderness and compassion. By the end we feel like we have lived through this ordeal with Julia. We understand her inner strength in a horrific situation. And we also feel her unstoppable, raging need for freedom.’ Rich Kline, Shadows on the Wall


“Lion’s Den is an unqualified success.”

Little White Lies