Monsoon Wedding

Sunday 20th October 5:30 PM


A vibrant, visual treat that is full of colour, music and, above all, joy. Monsoon Wedding delights in human fallibilities and is unashamedly romantic. Yet, this is no lightweight. It deals with some serious issues and Mira Nair is noted for her ability to tackle difficult topics.

We are invited to view the, often chaotic, preparations for an arranged marriage. This staple tradition of Indian society is played out against modern attitudes and the tensions, stresses and strains are there for all to see.

Skeletons come tumbling out of cupboards and the emotional roller coaster will have you lifted to exhilarating heights only to plunge you down as the next twist unfolds.

This is a film that you will be telling your friends to see - make sure you don't miss it!


“A mouth-watering masala of comedy, drama and romance”

Total Film