Atanarjuat : The Fast Runner

Sunday 15th December 4:30 PM


This is a rare film that has as its heart a story that has been orally passed down through generations. It is set in the natural environment of the Iglooik community and gives the viewer a unique experience. A singular way of life is depicted in superb detail - igloos for shelter, clothes from animal skins, dog sleds and the ritual of sharing spoils of the hunt - down to a bizarre contest.
This is an epic tale. The mystical and mythical are low-key and it is the more familiar aspects of love, betrayal, jealousy, and good and evil that make up the story. Although the plot will be familiar, the setting, people and language will not. This is an almost anthropological study and one that will keep you fascinated for its entire near 3 hours. Extraordinary.


“Spellbinding - see it and tell your friends”

Trevor Johnston, Time Out