And Your Mother Too

Sunday 6th October 5:30 PM


Like another wonderful Mexican film, Amores Perros, this film is multi-layered. On the surface there is a voyage of sexual and self-discovery by two teenage friends. Dig deeper and you find a story of two Mexicos; and for those prepared to dig deeper still there is a third, more profound exploration of life, sex and death.

What makes Y Tu Mamá También so different is that the sex is used to unlock secrets. The older woman is the central strength and gives the film a gravity that makes its points stick. There is much naked flesh but Cuarón's wildly erotic film never loses touch with thought and feeling.

Add in the availability of the second and third layers, if you're prepared to look, and you have something very special indeed.


“Refreshing, funny and true”

Tom Charity, Time Out