Sunday 13th September 5:00 PM


A comedy, but an unsettling one - as Swiss-French director Meier put it: ‘rather like an inverted road movie.’ In the middle of the countryside, a father, a mother and their three children live happily on the edge of a motorway that has been disused for the past ten years. When the road works are suddenly completed, and the first cars drive past, the nightmare begins.

Combining great acting by Isabelle Huppert and her colleagues, superb cinematography by Agnès Godard - Claire Denis’s loyal DoP - and a fine soundtrack which contrasts the harsh sounds of ‘civilization’ with the peacefulness of the natural landscape backed by a beautifully chosen, wide range of music, this should start our season in memorable style.


“Meier's contemporary and enticing tale of spiraling humour and darkness is an accomplished debut.”

Paul Griffiths, Eye For Film